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PROTONS versus Prostate Cancer: EXPOSED

The early morning (6:00 am or later) treatment time slots are in high demand because once done, you have the rest of the day free (presumably to play golf). But with a late afternoon or evening time slot you still have most of the day free for pleasurable pursuits, so the so-called morning advantage isn’t one. Furthermore, there are negatives to early appointments. You give up the freedom to sleep as late as you want, the joy of awakening naturally with the sun—not your alarm clock—and starting your day with a cup or three of smooth, rich, mellow, full-bodied aromatic coffee. Only a fool or an addict (I might be both) fills up on coffee just prior to the empty, drink, and hold routine preceding each treatment. Caffeine is counter-productive, making a tough job even harder, and the morning guys have to postpone their first caffeine jolt of the day.

You’ll also find that the atmosphere is noticeably different in late afternoon or evening, as compared with mornings. The morning crew is friendly as always, but laser-focused on efficiency. They know that when the morning appointments are on time or even ahead of schedule, the afternoons are more likely to be on time, too. So the morning team has a heavy responsibility to set the stage for the rest of the day.

But … and here, with no offense toward anyone in the morning, is my point: the evening is a bit more lively and fun. At least this was true when I was there. The lobby atmosphere is more energized, there’s more animated interaction, and it’s a much more festive environment. After all, everyone’s had their coffee …


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