Welcome, Newbie!

How do I know you’re a newbie and that you already have my first book, PROTONS versus Prostate Cancer: EXPOSED? I know because there is only one way to find this private page, and here you are—thanks for visiting!

I hope you found my first book helpful, and I appreciate your interest in learning about the years following completion of my proton therapy at the University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute. I wrote the sequel, 10 Years After Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer, to fully answer the question I am now most often asked:

So Ron, after all these years,
how are you doing now, and what have you learned?

My goal for the new book was to answer this with as much detail as in the first book. You will be the judge of whether I succeeded, and I hope you will let me know (). It only takes one click to start reading now, for free:

Ready for Ron’s 10-year sequel?

“After all these years, how’s it going?”

In 10 Years After Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer, Ron is no longer a newbie, as he was in his first book. Now, as a 10-year survivor, Ron offers new insight and comfort to newbies, survivors, and fellow ambassadors. In his easy-to-read conversational style, he holds back nothing in answering the questions he is most often asked:

  • Are you completely cured?
  • Do you have side effects?
  • Do you fear a recurrence?
  • With 20-20 hindsight, what lessons were learned?
  • Would you choose the same treatment again?
  • How should a newbie decide what to do?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the common mistakes?

In great detail, Ron answers all of these questions, defines The Newbie Trap, and provides a 9‑step Newbie‑Do list to guide you to the finish line.

May I ask for a favor?

If you found either of my books useful, please take a minute to help others find them and learn about proton therapy by posting your review on Amazon. It’s hard to believe that proton is still often misunderstood or completely unknown. When newbies search for information on prostate cancer and find books like mine, it may be the first time they’ve heard of this amazing option. Your review will make a huge difference, and I thank you in advance for helping me help others through my books. The buttons below will take you directly to Amazon’s “add a review” pages.